The MWM Difference

The financial services landscape is changing dramatically. It can be harder than ever to find the right advisory relationship. We think choosing a financial advisor is something that should be done carefully and patiently. When the fit is right, you will know it.

We believe we offer a unique and valuable service that enables our clients to enjoy the confidence and peace of mind that comes from having their investments handled prudently, and their financial lives organized and simplified.

Here are some of the things that make us different from others:

We are Client Focused
From the way we have structured our business, to the way we manage portfolios and the investment philosophy we follow, our approach is designed to ensure that servicing clients is our main focus. Our mission is to educate clients, help simplify and organize their financial lives, and create peace of mind both for today and the future.  We can offer a level of personalized service that sometimes isn’t as easy to provide in a corporate environment.

We Are Independent
As a fully independent firm our interests are completely aligned with our clients. Our allegiance is solely to our clients—we are not owned by or affiliated with any financial entity such as a brokerage firm, investment bank, or money manager.  We are not limited by a captive product architecture or regulatory environment.   We do not sell any commission proprietary products.

We Are Experienced
Michael Martin has the experience and knowledge of working with investors in up and down markets.  At Smith Barney, where he was a Vice President - Private Client Group, he served high net worth investors, which included protecting his clients’ portfolios during the Internet bubble and market corrections in 2001.  At Wells Fargo Advisors Private Client Group, he also served high net worth investors and focused on wealth management and retirement planning for his clients.

We Are Fiduciaries
As a registered investment advisor with New York State, we are subject to the Investment Advisors Act of 1940.  We have a fiduciary responsibility to our clients which means we have a duty to serve our clients’ best interests. The only service our firm provides is investment and financial advice based on our many years of experience and training in all facets of the capital markets.