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Michael’s popular blog article titled: “The Top Risks that Can Derail a Good Retirement Plan” featured on CNBC

CNBC - 8/20/2017

5 Money Lessons Teens Should Learn Before They Go to College

U.S. News & World Report -  9/16/16

This article discusses key money lessons for Teens before going to college.  In it, Michael Martin discusses “three important elements, and the basic understanding money, debt, and compound interest.”  He also encourages thrifty living for teens, and avoiding temptation for the latest/greatest gadgets.  He states that “They need to know an iPhone 5 is pretty good and that they really don't need an iPhone 7."    Finally, Martin encourages teaching teens the concept of saving, but adds, "Teens should not be forced to save. As soon as you control with a fist, you lose respect. Why not sweeten the pot instead?"  Martin encourages parents to give their kids some – what he calls, “COOL – Cash Out Of Love, for their efforts to save.”

Mike Martin recognized by industry’s premier financial planning magazine, and shares his insights and experience

Financial Planning Magazine - 7/10/17


Michael’s popular blog article titled: “Retirement: Don’t Stick Your Head in The Sand” featured on NASDAQ

NASDAQ- 8/21/2017


Mike Martin Interviewed on AssetTV: Preparing for Market Corrections

AssetTV U.S. - 4/27/17

3 Financial Must-Do’s For the New Year

WICC-600 “Talk of the Town” with Jim Buchanan   12/28/15

Mike discusses 3 Essential Financial Must-Dos as enter the New Year on WICC-AM "Talk of the Town" with Jim Buchanan

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