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We work with our clients to help them achieve their financial goals. The services needed by clients have many similarities, but there are differences as well. Different kinds of clients have distinct needs and requirements. 
Our goal is to help you achieve your financial goals, with a specialty in retirement planning. For most people, the biggest goal is achieving financial independence and peace of mind. But people have other goals too. Do you want to leave a legacy to your children or grandchildren? Or, is there a cause or charity you believe in and want to benefit? 
Does This Sound Like You? 
I feel a little anxious about the future. Will there be enough for retirement? What about our kids? Should we pay off our mortgage? How does life insurance play into the picture? 
Even though I try to keep up with everything, I have this nagging feeling that we're neglecting something important. 
I have been saving and investing for quite a while, but I'm not sure how I'm doing. And, I feel like I'm neglecting things. 
Yeah, our investment advisor is a good guy and we like him, and he sends us that wall calendar every year. I think our portfolios are doing ok, but I really don’t know how we/he is doing relative to his peers. I know I should get a second opinion anyway, but I keep putting it off. 

I’ve done well and have enough money for the future, but are my investment portfolios structured optimally? Should I start positioning them so that I can start taking income for when I eventually do slow down and maybe even retire? 
Senior Corporate Executive 
Does this Sound Like You? 

I work so hard and have a lot on my plate. I think my investments in my company retirement plan are ok, but I’m just not sure. I question my “big picture” all the time. Could I be doing better with less risk? Are my plan fees expensive? Should I be rebalancing? I have an 800 number through my plan administrator I can call, but I never know who I’m really talking too. 
I have other 401Ks from past employers, and they are just sitting there. I’ve been meaning to pay more attention to it, maybe consolidate them, but I just haven’t. I get no direction and I find them hard to keep track of. 
I know my portfolio is pretty aggressive for my age, but the market has been on a tear and I just don’t want to disrupt things right now. But I know I need to take some risk out of my portfolio. 
The fact that you have questions like these is natural. Almost everyone does. Taking steps to answer them is crucial, but the answers must be based on solid financial knowledge and experience. And the answers are only fully meaningful to you if they are also based on your personal financial and life goals. The process of helping you answer important questions and achieve your goals is what we do.